My certification training in craniosacral therapy was with Etienne Peirsman, Zen Cranio Master, at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts (NMAHA) in Santa Fe.

I have taken advanced training in the brain, death and dying, and somatic emotional release.  In addition to being a craniosacral therapist, I have been a midwife for thirty years and have a masters degree in nursing.  I believe that caring for women and their families for thirty years and spending hours patiently waiting for babies to emerge, helped set the stage for my craniosacral practice.

I was introduced to craniosacral therapy later in life through my work with horses. That deep experience motivated me to pursue formal education at NMAHA.  

I love taking part in my client's journeys as they reconnect to the deep healing power of their own body's wisdom through craniosacral therapy.  Each client responds to the therapy in their own way and can find deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  It is such a beautiful journey to share together; I look forward to sharing your personal journey.

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