Deb’s work is intuitive and gentle. She really listens to the body. She feels something deep, something that most practitioners don’t even notice. She senses the connections between the body and the emotions, and shares them with the client when appropriate. Her extensive knowledge as a nurse complements the cranio work so well. My sessions with Deb have helped me shift in so many ways.
— Kristin D., Gila, NM
The biggest observation during the treatment of my horse, Blue, has been a progressive impression of lengthening in musculature as well as continued decreasing of tension particularly in the cervical and sacral regions. Blue continues to develop not only a physical softening and improved muscle tone, but also a softer and more confident demeanor.
— Michelle D., Albuquerque, NM
During my horse Leon’s first treatment, he appeared to be guarded about his body being explored and defensive about his pectoral region. He made gestures of pinning his ears and biting. However, Deb found a way into Leon’s space and proceeded to work on him. By the third and fourth sessions, he was not defensive at all and appeared to be highly receptive to what Deb was offering him.
— Jodi V., Albuquerque, NM
Deborah is a colleague of mine and I know her craniosacral work to be compassionate and profound. She works with both adults and children. I have been treated by her as have other therapists I know. She has an excellent reputation and is known to be very insightful and intuitive, which inform her treatments. When I left Santa Fe, I referred a client of mine to Deborah and she has told me several times how much Deborah continues to help her. I also know that Deborah is gifted in craniosacral work applied to horses. I know of some excellent results she has had with horses and I have taken an equine class with her and saw first hand her special connection with them.

I highly recommend Deborah Benenson as an excellent craniosacral therapist.
— Mary Ann H., Grangeville, ID